• Thanks for generous act

     I am Jane Cowan, nearly 90 years old and a long-time Shepherdsville resident. Many of may age lose the agility to do this chore and must have the service of professionals to do it. A lady that I did not know was near the entrance of a business (nails) that would to the pedicure that I needed. She commented to me that I reminded her of her own grandmother. A conversation proceeded.

  • Scottish Rite thanks

     The Bullitt County Scottish Rite Club wishes to thank the people of our Bullitt County community for your support, generous contributions and donations made to the 2019 Bullitt County Scottish Rite annual Road Rally/Fun Run.

  • Helping Bowman's Valley

     Many thanks to John Butler, Dale Mulhall, and Joe Sohm for making this map happen for the Bowman’s Valley Schoolhouse restoration project.

    Project leaders wanted a pull-down map that showed locations of one-room schoolhouses that once existed in Bullitt County.

  • Vote for Rocky Adkins

     It’s not often that you meet a politician who you can connect with and, who understands, and actually cares about Kentucky, but the moment I heard Rocky Adkins speak I knew he was the candidate I wanted for governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. He reminds me of A. B. “Happy” Chandler. We need a candidate to lead the Commonwealth back to where it should be.

  • Pay the public servants

     We are daily reminded when watching or reading the news in our area about the perennial county budget deficiencies, both in Jefferson and our county. The latest deficiency is being voiced by our fiscal court: a much needed salary for all of our public servants. The question we should all be asking is, “ What is the right thing to do for these hard-working, brave people who make our lives better and save lives each day?”

  • Pay your taxes Mr. President
  • Did anyone bite you at work today?

      On average, nearly 15 mail carriers per day will say, “Yes.”

    Postal Service officials report that in 2018, 5,714 letter carriers experienced dog bites or dog attacks. With deliveries everyday, including Sundays and holidays, carriers continue to experience dog bites in urban, suburban and rural settings.

    Dog attacks and bites are 100 percent preventable when dog owners remain vigilant and properly restrain their dogs.

  • Thank you from Myra and Mike

     I don’t know where to begin but to humbly say thank you. I was overwhelmed with the amount of support the night of the benefit on March 15. 

    This outpouring of love is why I love this community. The estimate was that over 600 people joined together that night to show me that they are in this fight with me. 

  • Thanks to PGES

     Thank you Pleasant Grove Elementary students and staff for the generous donations to our residents at Green Meadows Health Care.

    We appreciate all the donations and everyone who donated.

    Green Meadows Health Care

  • Vote no on bills

     I urge Rep. Webber and Senator Seum vote against house bill 205, senate bill 250, and house bill 525. I urge them to stop doing things that only benefit them and their pockets.

    They need to do what is right for the children of Kentucky. We are already one of the lowest ranked states when it comes to education. Taking away funds from the schools will only make it worse. They were voted into office to be a voice for those who can’t be heard. Instead they only do what they want, without regard for the well being of others.