• Better late than never

     I would like to thank three individuals for establishing the house numbering system in Bullitt County. This is only about 30 years late. Better late than never.

    Mr. C.A. Hourigan, who worked for planning and zoning, had a pivotal role, along with Mr. Joe McIntosh, former Shepherdsville postmaster, and a gentleman from the Louisville post office for implementing the system.

    It was a time consuming, tedious job that was so important especially for all our emergency people. For them, finding the correct address could be life-saving.

  • ‘Mettle’ of honor for Jesse

     Little Jesse Schoot, when just a tot,

    Didn’t know he had drawn a tough lot.

    Not understanding the challenges, it brought

    We watched as he fought and fought.

    Like the strongest Auto-Bot.

    We prayed for a cure so desperately wrought.

    And along the way, special things all of us he taught.

    We watched with hope for the years his star shined hot.

    Suddenly to discover it was all for naught.

    Now our eyes drop wet dots,

    Our hearts heavy with bittersweet thoughts.

  • Vote David Strange

     Recently, I read a letter from a candidate that highly impressed me. David Strange is running as an independent for the Fourth District Magistrate seat. 

    This is the most honest, heartfelt letter from a candidate that I have seen (located on Strange’s Facebook page). 

    He has long been our “unofficial” county historian and has a wealth of knowledge about the county and provided community service for years. He is a long-time county resident of over 40 years, yet is not part of any “good old boy” network.

  • Scottish Rite thanks

     The Bullitt County Scottish Rite Club wishes to thank the people of our Bullitt County community for your support, generous contributions and donations made to the 2018 Bullitt County Scottish Rite annual Road Rally/Fun Run.

  • Thanks to Class of 1968

     Thanks to the Shepherdsville High School Class of 1968 for the wonderful card you sent me with signatures of those attending your 50th class reunion and my picture.

    Helen Underwood

  • Vote for Higgins

     I would like to offer my endorsement of Mike Higgins for the Third District Magistrate.

    He is a 41-year resident of Bullitt County and  has been a very involved part of our community after retiring from a machinist career.

    His committment to the working class deserves our support.

    Terry Akin Sr.

  • Elect Sholar

     It has been my honor to know and work with Walt Sholar for more than eight years and there is no question that he will make an exceptionally well-qualified sheriff.

    When I first met him, Walt was serving as county attorney but was seeking a way to directly support the men and women of our armed forces who were being sent to Iraq and Afghanistan. Without compensation and at his own expence, he took vacation time to h elp provide firearms and tactics training to thousands of the Kentucky National Guard and in so doing helped to save lives.

  • Reading is Important

     Mark Twain said, “A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who  can’t read.” 

    Reading is the one activity that is beneficial for everyone.  Reading provides ideas for self-improvement, creativity, and high-level  thinking. Reading is the most important of academic skills because it is the  method through which all content is learned, and more importantly, it is the  skill that fosters success.

    As a teacher at Bullitt Lick, I am concerned about our students reading achievement. 

  • Thanks from HOPE

     We would like to thank everyone that made it possible to help send nine girls and one young man to the Bullitt Central prom.

    This was our second year and again it was a huge success, with the help of so many people.

    First, we want to thank Lindsey Bowles, Chrissy Mobley and Sara Huffman for doing the girls’ hair.

    Thanks to Katie Scott and Shaunna Cox for doing their makeup.

    Thanks to Christy Hardin of Bullitt Central, Stacey Cline and Bonnie Enlow for supplying the food.

    Thanks to Gary Gibson for the flowers.

  • Pay the teachers

     It’s not big secret that our nation lags behind others in educating our youth. While this is sad, it’s not surprising, watching our politicians hack away at programs and policies that are an integral part of producing successful adults.

    Education should never be a line item on the budget marked out. We should properly fund our schools and ensure that those who are directly responsible for educating our children are compensated fairly and promises upheld.