• Abomination

     The front-page article that appeared in the May 4 edition of the Pioneer News regarding the threatening of the county judge to remove the magistrates from the room during the May 3 Fiscal Court meeting was abomination on two fronts. The first abomination is the idea that a county judge feels she has a queenly power to evict my elected magistrate from a fiscal court meeting simply because he disagreed with her. 

  • Roby thanks

      We would like to thank the following for their support for our Roby Elementary 2011 Spring Fling:

  • Praise to MW Mayor

     On behalf of the Tax-Aide Program and the taxpayers we have helped, I would like to thank you for the use of the City Hall Annex. We have assisted over 250 taxpayers of all ages by preparing their tax returns and filing  them electronically free of charge.

  • Consumer worth it

     In the midst of the US presidential race of 2008, Secretary of the Treasury, Hank Paulson, came to congress and insisted US taxpayers had to provide the US banking industry $700 billion dollars or face the collapse of our financial system. Candidate McCain and Obama came off the campaign trail to cast their votes in favor of the bail-out.

  • Golf scramble thanks

     The Fifth Annual Moore Mayfield Memorial Golf Scramble was held on August 28, 2010 with the help of so many.

  • Coyle off mark

     Paul Coyle’s April Fool’s cartoon depicting President Obama missed the mark on the price of gasoline.

    During Obama’s first two years, gasoline prices remained below $3 per gallon after having reached a near $5 per gallon mark the summer prior to his 2008 election. 

  • Are You Aware?

     As a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) Board member, I have attended Family Court on the docket where CASA advocates for children on cases involving dependency, abuse, and neglect.  This was a true eye opener for me.

  • Thanks for BE hoops

     The Bullitt East Basketball program would like to thank our fans, the people of Mount Washington, our parents and the staff of Bullitt East HS for the tremendous support we received during the regional and state tournaments over the last 3 weeks. It is a blessing and a pleasure to play and represent the people of our great community and we thank each and every one of you that bought t-shirts, tickets, came to open practice, traveled long distances and waited outside in the rain to watch us play. 

  • Educated Decisions

     As a substitute teacher in the Bullitt County school system, I’ve had the opportunity to see the positive influence the D.A.R.E. program has on elementary school children. As the students prepare to “graduate” from this course, they write an essay summarizing what they have learned. 

  • Burlyn Pike a great man