• Thanks for the grant

     Please let it be heard. Notebook Learning Center LLC is a better place thanks to a Rural KIPDA mini-grant (of $1,700).

    From the small toes of our children to the adult heads of our parents, thank you.

        Dana Bixler

        Owner, Notebook Learning Center

  • Quilt owners sought

     On Dec. 3, I fell in the Big Lots parking lot in Shepherdsville.

    A very thoughtful couple offered me a quilt to use until an ambulance arrived.

    I want to get in touch with them so they can pick up their quilt. They can come by my home on Fisher Lane in Mount Washington.

        Joyce Payne

        Mount Washington

  • Hold them accountable

        I want to commend the Superintendent of Bullitt County Public Schools, Keith Davis, on his actions taken to terminate a teacher that has been in trouble on more than one occasion for his actions in the classroom.

  • MWMS band says thanks

        My name is David Bretz.  I am the band director/music teacher at Mount Washington Middle School.  On December 7th we gave our yearly Holiday Concert/Fundraising Auction and a fish fry.

  • Pity those who steal

         “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”... Well it was at least on Seminole Court until Friday night, when some low life creeps stole three of our inflatable Christmas decorations.

        That’s right, they took a 8 foot Mickey Mouse, 4 foot Frosty the Snowman & 4 foot Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer right out of our front yard as we slept on Friday night, 12/3.  

  • Get your flu shots

  • Why ban smoking?

     I am not a smoker and I don’t agree with smoking but, why in ‘blazes’ (sorry about the pun) are we trying to ban smoking county wide when tobacco is a legal substance? We should be banning the drinking of alcohol which causes people to kill as many or more people than tobacco ever did.

    Bob DeVore

    Mount Washington

  • Congress get to work

     Congress get to work


    Time is running out for the Congress to take action to avoid a 23 to 25 percent cut in payments to doctors and other providers who care for Medicare patients. This cut is based on a formula adopted in 1997 which have proven to be unfair to those providing Medicare services.

    A permanent fix is needed, however, if this can’t be accomplished in the short time available before December 31 a temporary fix is a must.