Today's Opinions

  • Vote for Dick Heaton

     Never having written a “letter to the editor,” this is indeed a first for me but having such a passion for our State Representative position, I feel compelled to endorse candidate Dick Heaton.

  • Vote for Keith

     I feel it is very important to understand who is running for office - the person, the real person. Too often, we go to the polls knowing very little about the candidates running for office in our county. So, I would like to share some of my thoughts and opinions about one of our candidates running for Circuit Clerk, Paulita Keith. You could call this a personal recommendation.

  • Vote for Webber

  • Churches need to wake up

     I am a veteran of World War II. I can see as much difference in our society and the church today as day light and dark. The presidential election is coming up on November 6. The Church, Christian, most definitely need to be praying for our country. I don’t need to remind you the condition our country is in.

  • Vote for Tinnell

     I would like to express my opinion as to who would be the best person suited to help guide our city in a positive and forward direction as a member of Shepherdsville City Council. In these trying times voters have an added amount of responsibility in choosing proven leaders and Sherman Tinnell is a person who certainly fits that description. He and I worked together  in the flood of 1997 buy out as members of City government. He is a very compassionate person who worked many long hours helping those in need.

  • Tamme family says thanks

     We would like to thank the people of Bullitt County for their support after the death of our parents, Gerald and Mona Tamme. Their neighbors have been absolutely priceless, the cards, visits, calls and emails have been much appreciated. Even though “Thank You” notes have been sent, we are sure we have failed to send cards to some involved and for that we apologize. Words cannot express our gratitude. We are proud to be from Bullitt.

  • Answer to the taxpayers

     With the election season just around the corner, I was giving some thought to whom I will cast my vote for. Although, maybe not as important as the presidential race, the school board came to mind.

  • Vote for Keith

     Paulita will work with you and she is not against the handicapped. I ask her opponent for help concerning a lie one of his employee’s told in a affidavit to the Department of Drivers License in Frankfort. He told me he would not help me. If you have a friend or loved one who is handicapped, I ask you for your vote for Paulita Keith. She will work for and with you.

    Dan Dickerson