Today's Opinions

  • Ready for great year of student learning

     Editor’s Note: First of a two-part commentary. Read part two, including plans for the upcoming school year, here.

  • There are lots of reasons to be reader of local paper

     Closing a casket on newspapers might be a bit premature.

  • Best of Coyle’s Corner

     This week's Best of Coyle's Corner centers on the Back to School theme. Coyle, and The Pioneer News staff, reminds everyone to be safe, especially around a school bus, during the entire year.

  • Budget cuts hurting court system

     As chief justice, I find it disheartening that I can no longer assure you that the courts in Kentucky will be open when you need them. 

    For the first time in modern history, we will have to close every courthouse in the state to balance the Judicial Branch budget. 

    For three days in 2012, we must furlough all court personnel and close all courthouse doors because the General Assembly has not allotted enough money to fund court operations at current levels.

  • Take the time

     Were you too busy to take time and read this column?

  • Right in our backyard

     In regards to the Bullitt County Stone rezoning hearing on July 12, 2012, I would like to say that I was shocked and disgusted at the behavior of Attorney David Pike (representing Bullitt County Stone).

    Never before I have I seen someone show such arrogance and disrespect before a government body as well as to the citizens of Bullitt county as this man did. It was very obvious he had no desire to answer any questions from the zoning board or the citizens present nor present any evidence that this rezoning should take place.

  • Support Linda Belcher

     As a life time resident of Bullitt County, I greatly support the candidacy of Linda Belcher to continue as the State Representative from her district.

    Ms. Belcher has continued the legacy of her deceased husband, Larry Belcher, by working diligently to bring back large sums of money to Bullitt County for roads and other infrastructure projects. In addition, Ms. Belcher continues to demonstrate her dedication to all of Bullitt County by attending school, Board of Education, church, and community events, as well as actively seeks out ways to help her constituents.

  • Too much should not be read into vote on extension

     Depending upon your perspective, the recent action of the Bullitt County Public School Board could be good or bad.