Today's Opinions

  • Now what?

     The elections are now over and congratulations go out to the victors.

    And thanks go out to those who did not win. It takes extreme courage to put yourself out to the voters. 

    With around 46 percent of the registered voters going to the polls, that is great, especially for a non-Presidential year.

    In early January, several newcomers will take office. And several veterans of government will return.

    So, what happens in January?

    First, the people of this county expect a sense of cooperation.

  • Halloween, and election time, should be time for fun

     It’s that time of year again: All those scary creatures come out, they’re everywhere, begging you, never leaving you alone, all dressed up in those wacky colors.

    But we’ll focus on all those election candidates next week. This week is all about Halloween.

    I myself will spend the entire day munching down on apples and cider and popcorn and candy and pie, all while binge watching my favorite classic Halloween movies and television shows. I might even hunker down with a good horror story novel, perhaps reading it aloud like Vincent Price.

  • Domestic Violence Awareness

     Life is full of surprises! Some good, some bad. Some you will never recover from.

    Over the past few months, I have met many families and friends that share a common trait -- the loss of a loved one to violence.

    Some domestic and others have no idea who murdered their loved one(s). We are a select group that nobody wants to know.

  • Questions are good

     If you notice, there seems to be more people attending public meetings.

    And they seem to be asking more questions.

    While this may seem a bit suspicious, especially when it is candidates asking the questions, the actual asking for information is a good thing.

    We do not favor those who are trying to score brownie points.

    But we do like it when people ask questions.

    What we have found is that many people running for public office don’t always have a good idea on what they are running for.

  • Johann Kappel fought in Civil War

     On June 1842, Caroline Kappel gave birth to Johann Christian Kappel and he was named after his father Johann C. Kappel .  Johann’s parents were born in Olbronn, Wuttemberg, Germany.

    Johann C. Kappel was born in 1811 and Caroline Boehringer was born in 1815.  While in Germany, Johann Christian met Caroline and they fell in love and got married in 1837 in Germany.

  • Journalism matters because democracy does still matter

     An in-depth newspaper investigation revealed that a state-operated home for aged military veterans was providing sub-standard care and that taxpayer money that was to go to improve the home was spent elsewhere. The result was the replacement of the state’s veterans secretary and numerous corrections at the home.

    Another investigation explored the increase of neighborhood violence and the proliferation of firearms that awakened community groups and law enforcement to explore ways to address the problems and find solutions before it becomes even worse.

  • Salute to newspapers

     Sometimes newspaper folks are more worried about their future than they should be.

    Are circulation numbers down over the past decade? Sure.

    But do people still rely on their community newspaper to present them with the news of the area? They sure do.

    The day of the social media is scorned by many. But followed by many others.

    However, there is not news on social media. For the most part, it is angry comments -- some built out of facts and others created by emotion.

  • Polling position drawing bigger than usual interest

     SHEPHERDSVILLE — It’s the biggest question of the day when you attend some of the governmental meetings in the county.

    Who drew what ballot position for the Nov. 6 general election?

    In the past, candidates were informed by letter of when the post positions would be drawn in the county clerk’s office. It was not a legal requirement to notify the public of the pulling of the names.

    It was not a legal requirement to send letters to all the candidates.

    So, the position pull was quietly conducted.