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  • ‘Sick’ issue leaves commissioner taking a list, checking it twice in no-win situation

     What a sticky situation the past legislative session has left a lot of people in Kentucky.

    With the smell of the past session when a sewer bill was anything but, there is a lot of distrust between those involved in the public pension program and the state legislature.

    More specifically, educators in Kentucky have contracted a case of sickness on several occasions over the course of the past few weeks.

    Ten counties in Kentucky had school systems which were closed at least one day during the session for “sickness.”

  • State of County unique perspective

     SHEPHERDSVILLE  — After 34 years of reporting, there are few “first” events that you get to witness.

    The State of Bullitt County address hosted by new judge/executive Jerry Summers was one of those new encounters.

    Around 350 braved rainy weather and some college hoops games to come out to Paroquet Springs Conference Centre to listen to Jerry’s vision for the next four years.

  • Children’s issues lead House discussions last week

     I joined my fellow members of the House in passing several good, meaningful pieces of legislation this week, all aimed at improving the quality of life for all Kentuckians. This is our last full week of this legislative session, with only eight legislative days left in the 2019 Regular Session.

  • Sweeping school safety measures pass in Frankfort

     The 2019 session is nearing its ending point, and I am proud to say that the General Assembly accomplished our top legislative priority.

    Senate Bill 1 -- also known as the School Safety & Resiliency Act  -- is heading to the Governor’s desk after passing both the House and Senate.

  • Newman family travels from England to America

     The Newman family lived in Gloucestershire, England.  Gloucestershire is a county in southwest, England and where the county is part of the Cotswald Hills, part of the fertile Valley on the river of Seven and the forest that is in that area.

  • BBB: Hot Topics - March 2019

     BBB March 2019 Hot Topics


  • Creation of ambulance service by fire districts not surprise

     The vote recently by the Mount Washington Fire Protection District to begin the quest to create an ambulance service is not surprising.

    Not only has this become a common theme in Jefferson County but it has been discussed locally by the Mount Washington fire board for some time.

    There are many hoops to jump through which means that it will likely be a year before this could become reality.

    For the members of the Mount Washington Fire District, it appears that it would mean you would have two ambulances in your territory to handle medical calls.

  • Don’t shoot messenger on changes

     So many things are going on in the Clerk’s office. 

    If you come by and it seems like we are a bit scattered and spread a little too thin, we probably are.  

    We are in the process of training and cross-training for all upcoming changes this year.  We are scrambling because we are going into uncharted territory and, at this point, we are trying to tweak operations.  

    As it stands now, Bullitt County will be one of the first counties to start with the new driver’s license and new voluntary travel ID.