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  • Eadens never shy about his support for city, his causes

     HILLVIEW — Jim Eadens has been through a lot during his 16 years as mayor of the city of Hillview.

    He’s gone through a lot in the job and away from the office.

    But the guy is not phony. You know exactly what he is thinking.

    A couple of months ago, a group of residents who live in Pioneer Village and Fox Chase went on the attack. The city had approved a rezoning for apartments off the John Harper Highway. The property is close to residents in the other two municipalities.


     With the close of business yesterday, the filing deadline for the fall general election has passed.

    We should all be able to sit down and see who the candidates are. 

    Over the course of the fall campaign, the Bullitt County Chamber of Commerce and The Pioneer News will have a series of forums during the month of October.

    Reserve your Tuesday nights as the forums will return to Mount Washington, Shepherdsville, Hillview and Lebanon Junction.

    What we hope is accomplished is that voters will look at the issues. Study the candidates.

  • Our Goodbyes

     SHEPHERDSVILLE — The community recently lost a couple of gentlemen who were probably best known to the courthouse crowd.

    Mac McCoy spent a lot of time on the sheriff’s department in the last few years in Bullitt County.

    He was probably best known for his organization and leadership of the Explorers Post out of the sheriff’s office.

    McCoy had a group of teenagers who were dedicated to their interest in law enforcement. During the tenure of the group, it was not uncommon to see them parking vehicles at local events.

  • Judge speaks her mind

     SHEPHERDSVILLE — As her days in office count down, Bulitt County Judge/Executive Melanie Roberts has not stopped voicing her opinion.

    Over the past 12 years, Roberts has made reference on numerous occasions about the lack of state and federal funding that returns to the local community.

    This is not an uncommon concern. 

    However, recently, her comments have been a bit more pointed toward those elected to serve the community.

  • Take steps if you know person at risk of committing suicide

     Suicide accounted for nearly 45,000 lives lost in 2016, and the numbers are rising in nearly every state across the U.S. according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    On average, one person dies by suicide every 12 hours in Kentucky. More than twice as many people die by suicide in Kentucky annually than by homicide.

    Studies report that one out of two people know someone who has died from suicide.

    And for every one person who has died from suicide, another 280 other people have seriously thought about it.


     The new school year is now underway.

    Around 13,000 students will make up the Bullitt County Public School System, with hundreds of others in private schools.

    First, we welcome new superintendent Jesse Bacon to the county. We throw our total support behind our new leader.

    Second, we welcome the teachers -- both returning and the dozens of others who are coming here for the first time to be part of a great system -- and the administrators.


     Since the beginning of governmental bodies, laws have been approved.

    That’s what the legislative bodies do — they make laws.

    And it is then up to the executive branch to make sure those laws are enforced.

    If there is a question over the enforcement of those laws, the judicial branch can be brought into the process.

    Over the past six months, discussions of code enforcement have been held in Shepherdsville and Hillview. The latter revised its sign ordinance. The former did that a whole lot more.

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