Today's Opinions

  • Traffic Jams

     Besides taxes, what is the most aggravating part of many peoples’ lives?

    Traffic congestion.

    As Bullitt County has grown and the number of people driving vehicles has mushroomed, the roads are just not adequate to handle the flow.

    This community is not the only one facing these issues. However, if you spend time trying to navigate from one area to another, you know it is bad.

    The simple Friday afternoon traffic delays on Highway 44 in Mount Washington and in Shepherdsville are now a daily occurrence.

  • Better late than never

     I would like to thank three individuals for establishing the house numbering system in Bullitt County. This is only about 30 years late. Better late than never.

    Mr. C.A. Hourigan, who worked for planning and zoning, had a pivotal role, along with Mr. Joe McIntosh, former Shepherdsville postmaster, and a gentleman from the Louisville post office for implementing the system.

    It was a time consuming, tedious job that was so important especially for all our emergency people. For them, finding the correct address could be life-saving.

  • ‘Mettle’ of honor for Jesse

     Little Jesse Schoot, when just a tot,

    Didn’t know he had drawn a tough lot.

    Not understanding the challenges, it brought

    We watched as he fought and fought.

    Like the strongest Auto-Bot.

    We prayed for a cure so desperately wrought.

    And along the way, special things all of us he taught.

    We watched with hope for the years his star shined hot.

    Suddenly to discover it was all for naught.

    Now our eyes drop wet dots,

    Our hearts heavy with bittersweet thoughts.

  • When did Harned travel to Kentucky?

     The Harned family came from England.

    The first immigrent of the Harned family to travel by vessel to America was Edward Harnett/Harned and his wife Scisllea/sysley Parrmaor arrived in Salem, Massachusetts around 1643.

    Before coming to America, Edward married his wife in 1619 when he was 21 years old.  They had a son name Edward Jr. who was born in England.  Edward died in 1658 in Salem, Massachusetts.  Edward’s wife death was unknown.

  • Crystal Clear

     Maybe the biggest buzz word in government circles over the past few years is “transparency.”

    Everyone on the campaign trail talks about it.

    Those in office swear by it.

    The public drinks it down like a cold, icy cola on a hot summer day.

    In the media, we talk about transparency and how we are the champions.

    In reality, not the fake world where so many tend to spend their time, transparency is no more present today than it was 100 years ago.

  • BBB Hot Topics: July 2018

      Take a look at BBB’s hot topics for July 2018!

  • Beshear Issues Alert for Military Consumer Month

     FRANKFORT, Ky. (July 6, 2018) – July is Military Consumer Month, and Attorney General Andy Beshear is warning veterans and military families to be on the lookout for the most common veteran-specific scams.

  • He should be thanked for demanding change to help kids

     On his final day in the office, Dr. Keith Davis was all packed up and ready to go.

    It is time for him to make that next stop in life.

    Eleven years has seemed like a couple of months. But he is ready to move on.

    In reality, Davis really wasn’t ready to move to his next destination. However, as he would be just the latest to learn the lesson, school systems are often the largest employers in a county and can also be the most political.