Today's Opinions

  • Sen. Paul Hornback's Frankfort Report

     FRANKFORT – This week was significant as the first piece of legislation for the 2013 General Assembly was signed into law.

  • Bills get some action in General Assembly

      FRANKFORT–The gavel has fallen on week two of part two of the 2013 Regular Session of the Kentucky General Assembly.  A flurry of new bills were filed, bringing the total in the House to 390.

  • Social Host ordinance may finally be at point of talk

     It received a whiff of consideration over a decade ago but was quickly brushed aside.

  • COYLE'S CORNER 02/20/13

     This week Paul Coyle takes a look at the City of Hillview's new 11 p.m. curfew law for residents age 18 and under.

  • Hemp part of bills sent to House for consideration

     FRANKFORT – In a 30-day “short session” like this year, it’s difficult for both chambers to fully consider all the bills that have been filed.  However, over the last two weeks, the Senate has taken early action on major legislation, giving the House more time to study those bills.

    This week the Senate passed important bills addressing economic development, the state’s General Fund debt, healthcare, and school safety.

  • Felons Among Us

      Can felons be forgiven, or should they be penalized permanently?

    Your General Assembly continues to increase the number of felony offenses on the statutes.  It happens when we are approached by a constituent or special interest group who want to strongly discourage certain behavior.  A legislator might respond by introducing a bill that increases a penalty from a misdemeanor/violation to a “Class D” felony.  If convicted of a Class D felony, a judge can sentence you for incarceration from one to 5 years. 

  • Religion, Speech, Assembly, Arms, Etc.

     Most Americans rightly look upon our U.S. Constitution with a form of reverence. So it might surprise you to learn that it was fiercely debated in the Congress and the state assemblies prior to its ratification.

  • Renters are responsible

     I know the property owners are being harassed and being discriminated against on the trash service bill. The Council has made an agreement with Eco-Tech and they are in trouble with Eco-Tech because the bills have not been paid. The agreement made was if the renter did not pay the bill the owner would be responsible and have to pay the bill. That is not fair as the owner did not make the bill.