Today's Opinions

  • Vote for Belcher

     Linda Belcher has served her County well. Please vote for her.

    Lola M. Millay


  • Vote for Keith

     I am writing in support of Paula Keith, candidate for Circuit Court Clerk. I have known Paulita for several years and find her to be an honest, hard-working, moral and ethical person. She will succeed in making the Circuit Clerk’s Office an efficient, organized office. She is very professional and courteous in her demeanor and manner and will expect those in her charge to be as well.

  • Vote for Keith

     I endorse Paulita Keith for Bullitt Circuit Court Clerk. Paulita has consistently demonstrated incredible organizational skill, professionalism, intelligence and management skill over the 22 years I have worked for her and with her in various public accounting and business operations. Paulita Keith excels in client/customer relations and attention to detail. She has an uncanny ability to understand the big picture and solve issues that arise.

  • Vote for Portman

  • Vote for Jantzen

     I would like to ask the voters of Western Bullitt county to consider sending Dalton Jantzen to Frankfort as your State Representative. Since both candidates reside in Meade County, you may not be as familiar with their records and what they represent.

  • Vote for Belcher

     Our State Representative, Linda Belcher, attends city council meetings, fiscal court meetings, board meetings, school festivals and civic activities. In other words, she is visible and available.

  • Thanks for the support

     The Philpot family would like to say Thank You for all the donations and support we received at the Benefit Auction for Jeff Philpot. Jeff suffered from a Brain Tumor and three strokes in January. We are on the road to recovery. Special Thank You to Bobby Jones Auction & Reality for donating their services for the auction.

    The kindness of our family, friends and strangers that we have met along the way help us get through each day. God bless you all.

    Lorie, Jeff, and Jonathan Philpot

  • Vote for Abell