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  • Safety tips for the road as schools begin

      FRANKFORT - For some 23 million students nationwide, the school day begins and ends with a trip on a school bus. Unfortunately, each year many children are injured and even killed in school bus related crashes.

    Last year, Kentucky had 985 school bus related crashes resulting in 278 injuries and four deaths. With school starting in many communities, KSP Spokesman Lt. David Jude is urging motorists to be alert for loading and unloading school buses.

  • Appreciation of Chicken still there

     Whenever I attend a baseball game today, many of my memories come to mind, none more than a recent appearance in Louisville by the top bird of them all, The Famous Chicken.

  • Save social security

     I don’t know if I am hearing this right about proposals in Washington, D.C. to cut Social Security to reduce a deficit it did not cause. Social Security is critically important for American people of all ages. Are they saying when you become retirement age you cannot retire? Reason being there will not be any money left to give you so you can retire and live a peaceful life. Are they going to take it away from the ones that have already retired? What about Medicare benefits that would affect millions of people in America?

  • BBB Tips: Back-to-School Basics

     Summer is winding down, and soon local students will be headed back to school! Chances are, you still have some major “back-to-school” shopping to get done. Whether your child is headed to grade school, high school or college, the Better Business Bureau has some Back-to-School basics.


    When shopping for anything from new attire to electronic items, BBB has these tips to help you be a savvy back-to-school shopper:


  • Court must make difficult choice if deal can’t be done

     A potential of 1,000 jobs or a group of upset church members...what weights the most?

  • COYLE'S CORNER 08/03/11

     This week Paul Coyle takes a look at the potential future of rezoning issues in Bardstown Junction.

  • Internship provides real education

     Ten weeks ago, I wrote a column, outlining my plans for the future: go to graduate school, major in international journalism, travel the world. 

  • COYLE'S CORNER 07/27/11

      This week Paul Coyle is hot and takes a look at the end of the recent heat wave (he hopes).