Today's Opinions

  • Shouldn’t be any shortage of turkeys

     SHEPHERDSVILLE - The recent Republican wave in the 2018 Bullitt County election has made the area prime pecking ground for the beginning of a major controversy surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday.

    Being one of the most pro-Donald Trump counties in the United States, Trump personally recognized the community by donating a Thanksgiving turkey to long-time Republican Bullitt County Judge/Executive Melanie Roberts.

  • Give Thanks

     It is that time of year where we annually turn retrospective and reflect on the many things we are thankful for.

    This is something we should really do on a daily basis. But, like those New Year resolutions, our best intentions quickly go out the window.

    This Thanksgiving week we take an opportunity to say thanks.

    *Thanks to all our first responders. They can never be paid enough for their services. Whether it is fighting crime or battling fires or trying to save lives, they are valuable people.

  • Thanks to PGES

     Thank you Pleasant Grove Elementary students and staff for the generous donations to our residents at Green Meadows Health Care.

    We appreciate all the donations and everyone who donated.

    Green Meadows Health Care

  • Vote no on bills

     I urge Rep. Webber and Senator Seum vote against house bill 205, senate bill 250, and house bill 525. I urge them to stop doing things that only benefit them and their pockets.

    They need to do what is right for the children of Kentucky. We are already one of the lowest ranked states when it comes to education. Taking away funds from the schools will only make it worse. They were voted into office to be a voice for those who can’t be heard. Instead they only do what they want, without regard for the well being of others. 

  • Impressed with Summers

     Mr. Jerry Summers has been in office for 60 days now. I’ve been to 2 meetings with him at the helm and on March 9, he and staff hosted a State of the County.

    I am very impressed with what he has done since taken office but I am as shocked on how the County was left. Jerry and crew walked into a tornado. Items that should have been taken care of wasn’t but with him he hasn’t complained but taken each task trying to get it corrected. 

    Thank you Jerry Summers for keeping your word.

    Richard Luce

  • The teachers ARE teaching

     I won’t join the commentators and others who condemn our teachers for leaving class to push back against Frankfort.

    Educators have to appear in numbers as lawmakers are making major decisions about them and their students. 

    Some proposals appeared that would reduce teacher participation in state work on education between sessions and they must assure themselves a place at the table when school matters are discussed. 

    The politicians who scolded them forgot that they work in the “people’s house”. 

  • State of County Saturday

     What direction will Bullitt County take over the next four years?

    What is the vision of new Bullitt County Judge/Executive Jerry Summers?

    How does Summers propose reaching his goals and the goals of Bullitt Fiscal Court?

    Well, if you wish to find out all of those answers, be sure to set aside a few minutes on Saturday, March 9.

    At 4:30 p.m., Summers will present his State of the County address at Paroquet Springs Conference Centre. Everyone is invited to attend.

  • Salute your school board

     The only time many people pay attention to their local school board is when there’s a tax vote, but school board members do much more than just setting tax rates. 

    Bullitt County school board members, elected by the people, are responsible for our community’s most precious resource and the key to its future – our children and their educational opportunities.