Today's Opinions

  • Save the turkey

     While President Trump is pardoning two turkeys for Thanksgiving, every one of us can exercise that same presidential power by choosing a non-violent Thanksgiving observance.

    And here are some other good reasons:

    *You can brag about pardoning a turkey - like Trump (or not).

    *You will stay awake for your entire favorite football game.

    *Your sensible vegetarian kid won’t have to boycott the family dinner.

    *Plant-based holiday roasts don’t have to carry government warning labels.

  • Beyond the Pale

     I noticed the ad you had on page A-10 of your Nov. 5 edition that referred to Democrats as Satan’s voice. I believe that referring to either political party in this way is beyond the Pale. Please let me know if you are going to continue printing this type of ad and I will find another paper to read.

    Sherman Colvin

  • Congratulations

     Congratulations to Joe Rayhill for winning our race for the office of Bullitt County’s 4th District Magistrate.  I ran for the office as hard as I possibly could, but in the end a majority of voters elected to keep the incumbent.

    I am proud that many very good people worked for me and voted for me and encouraged me and I know will sympathize for me.  

    My dear friends, I thank you for all that.  God bless you.  Together we created new friendships and strengthened the old.

  • Thank You

     Little Flock Christian Academy’s 8th grade class would like to thank the following sponsors for donating to the school’s fall festival: Bob Leitner, Pack Mule Moving, Vision First, Berl Williams Landscaping, Domino’s Pizza, PriceLess, Bill’s Pawn Shop, Walmart, Papa John’s, Big League Haircuts, Culver’s, Tony Thompson and Champions Popcorn, Beef O’Brady’s, Chili’s and  Wendy’s.

  • Kentucky Office of Highway Safety reminds Thanksgiving travelers to wear a seat belt – every trip, every time

     FRANKFORT – With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety (KOHS) is joining in a national effort to send Thanksgiving travelers an important lifesaving reminder to buckle up – every trip, every time. 

  • Vote for Strange

     I have been very active in a Veterans organization in Lebanon Junction for several years. David Strange has always been a huge supporter of our veterans.

    Without David’s help, it would have been a problem having a lot of our programs over the years.

    David Strange would be a very good choice for Fourth District magistrate.

    Jimmy Reynolds

  • Vote for Schmidt

     When the Bullitt County Bar Association and Judge Elise Spainhour worked together with the Chief Justice and the Kentucky Legislature to establish a second Family Court Judge position in Bullitt County, I was excited. The need has been obvious for years. 

    I immediately thought that John Schmidt was the right person, at the right time, for the position.

  • David Strange is real deal

     Honorable,  virtuous, authentic.

    Now there are some seldom used words any more, especially when used to describe many candidates for public office.

    Happily, these are the exact words I would use to describe the character of my friend David Strange, who seeks your vote for Fourth District magistrate.

    There is nobody in Bullitt County that has worked harder to improve our community than David Strange. Period.