Today's Opinions

  • Thanks from HOPE

     We would like to thank everyone that made it possible to help send nine girls and one young man to the Bullitt Central prom.

    This was our second year and again it was a huge success, with the help of so many people.

    First, we want to thank Lindsey Bowles, Chrissy Mobley and Sara Huffman for doing the girls’ hair.

    Thanks to Katie Scott and Shaunna Cox for doing their makeup.

    Thanks to Christy Hardin of Bullitt Central, Stacey Cline and Bonnie Enlow for supplying the food.

    Thanks to Gary Gibson for the flowers.

  • Pay the teachers

     It’s not big secret that our nation lags behind others in educating our youth. While this is sad, it’s not surprising, watching our politicians hack away at programs and policies that are an integral part of producing successful adults.

    Education should never be a line item on the budget marked out. We should properly fund our schools and ensure that those who are directly responsible for educating our children are compensated fairly and promises upheld.

  • Welcome to our guests for the Kentucky Derby

     The Kentucky Derby is a tradition. And another annual tradition is that hundreds of Derby guests make it a point to spend a few days in Bullitt County.

    Many will return year after year.

    Some like the point that hotels are located on Interstate 65 and just a few miles from Churchill Downs.

    Others like that they can visit some great attractions while they are here.

    And still others have just gotten into a routine where they know the hotels, restaurants, gas stations and attractions.

  • Come out and listen to views given at forum

     We’ve reached the point where signs are going up and advertisements are being placed in the local newspaper.

    We have reached the point where there is less than five weeks until the primary election on May 22.

    As a service to the public, the Bullitt County Chamber of Commerce and The Pioneer News have partnered, with the assistance of city officials in Mount Washington, Lebanon Junction, Shepherdsville and Hillview, to host a series of forums.

  • Pension bill was flushed

     The only honest and appropriate thing about the way our legislature “passed” the Kentucky teachers pension cut was flushing it through on the bottom of a wastewater bill.

    I was sorry to see Bullitt County Representative Russell Webber and State Senator Dan Seum helped operate the commode.

    Bill Harned

  • Budget approved; awaits Bevin’s action

     Since our primary job in even-year sessions is writing a 2-year budget, many people consider April 2 the most important day we’ve had thus far.

    That was the day that, for the first time in memory House and Senate agreed on a budget and passed it to the governor in time to consider override of any vetoes he might issue.

  • Waiting to see what Governor does with bills

     FRANKFORT -- The common thread binding all good legislation is that, by the time the actual vote arrives, the outcome is all but a foregone conclusion.

    It takes a lot of effort to get to that point, of course.

    Stakeholders need to be included early on, because they are the ones who will be most affected by any change, and the public must have the chance to weigh in as well.

    It’s a process that can take months, but when it works, the positive impact is measured in years.

  • BBB, NCSA encourage "Digital Spring Cleaning"