Today's Opinions

  • No more tax increases

     So (school) taxes are going up again. We know you are having a token meeting  in September and you have already made up your minds.

    You have bought two pieces of property in the east end of the county.

    Instead of buying property, why don’t you re-district and fill these schools that are sitting half empty.

    Do the right thing, re-district and quit assuming everyone can afford more taxes.

    Mary Tandy

  • Keep trash in Jefferson

     Bullitt County has become Jefferson County’s dumping ground.

    Drive down Brooks Hill Road and experience the constant parade of dump trucks hauling busted up road material from Jefferson County streets, dropping their dirt, mud and dust.

    I hear the noise 24/7 and so do my neighbors. Can’t our elected officials in Bullitt County tell Jefferson County “We don’t want your trash.”

    Surely, we can adopt nuisance and noise laws. Other states do.

    Gayle Poynter



  • Updates on road projects in Bullitt County

     Just met with the Tourism Committee and discussions centered around Asian Carp and Black Bears and their effect on Kentucky. 

    It was a very educational meeting.

    I also meet with groups in Bullitt County to determine what I need to do during next session. 

    One of my top priorities is our road system. I met with the individuals from District 5 transportation to discuss current problems and what needs to be done in the future to take care of the rapid growth in our county. 

  • Back to School Bash success

     North Bullitt Christian Church would like to thank all the businesses that made our #ForBullitt County Back-to-School Bash a huge success.

    We served over 700 people in this community and loved every minute of it.

    Can’t wait to do it again next year.

    Terry Gallagher

    North Bullitt Christian Church

  • Too much building

     I read with much interest Our Views about traffic jams in Bullitt County and surrounding areas.

    Was it just recently that WHAS 11 news was live at a zoning board meeting in Louisville approving 1,000 more new homes on Bardstown Road near the Parklands close to the Bullitt/Jefferson County line.

    If each home has at least two vehicles, some will probably have more, that’s at least 2,000 more cars on that road trying to go north on Bardstown Road to the Gene Snyder Freeway.

  • Study our histories

     The news cycle centers on racism today. It actually never goes away; just resides a bit when other things are more relevant.

    Having been born in the Forties, I was introduced to racism in a form that doesn’t exist today. As bad as it was though, it was not something we thought about or dealt with. We were too busy trying to deal with the never ending problems that exist still.

  • Our Goodbyes

     SHEPHERDSVILLE — The community recently lost a couple of gentlemen who were probably best known to the courthouse crowd.

    Mac McCoy spent a lot of time on the sheriff’s department in the last few years in Bullitt County.

    He was probably best known for his organization and leadership of the Explorers Post out of the sheriff’s office.

    McCoy had a group of teenagers who were dedicated to their interest in law enforcement. During the tenure of the group, it was not uncommon to see them parking vehicles at local events.

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