Today's Opinions

  • Vote for Schmidt

     When the Bullitt County Bar Association and Judge Elise Spainhour worked together with the Chief Justice and the Kentucky Legislature to establish a second Family Court Judge position in Bullitt County, I was excited. The need has been obvious for years. 

    I immediately thought that John Schmidt was the right person, at the right time, for the position.

  • Domestic Violence Awareness

     Life is full of surprises! Some good, some bad. Some you will never recover from.

    Over the past few months, I have met many families and friends that share a common trait -- the loss of a loved one to violence.

    Some domestic and others have no idea who murdered their loved one(s). We are a select group that nobody wants to know.

  • David Strange is real deal

     Honorable,  virtuous, authentic.

    Now there are some seldom used words any more, especially when used to describe many candidates for public office.

    Happily, these are the exact words I would use to describe the character of my friend David Strange, who seeks your vote for Fourth District magistrate.

    There is nobody in Bullitt County that has worked harder to improve our community than David Strange. Period.

  • Vote for David Strange

     I encourage voters in the 4th District to elect David Strange as your new Magistrate.

    I have seen David’s unselfish devotion to the county many times over the years.  He has been a regular visitor to council meetings of all the cities since even before I was mayor.  He was never there wanting anything for himself.  He was just working to be aware, to share information, and to see how he could help others.  Those relationships and good will have helped us all.

  • Vote James Southern

     My name is Patrick Hawkins and I’d like to begin by asking a couple of quick questions...

    Do you actually care about this community that you call home?

    Are you genuinely frustrated with the “politics as usual” going on arond you?

    If your answer is “No” or “Not Really”, then go ahead and stop reading right here...

    If your honest answer is YES, then consider the following;

  • Vote John Schmidt

     I have known John for most of my life. We first met through his daughter, Stephanie, who is my oldest friend. Stephanie and I stayed classmates all the way from Kindergarten to Senior Year, and John was a constant presence in my life. 

    My relationship with the Schmidts started at St. Aloysius. During that time, I recognized John’s dedication to faith and family. John acted as a quiet but strong leader at St. A, inspiring and encouraging members of the community. 

  • Johann Kappel fought in Civil War

     On June 1842, Caroline Kappel gave birth to Johann Christian Kappel and he was named after his father Johann C. Kappel .  Johann’s parents were born in Olbronn, Wuttemberg, Germany.

    Johann C. Kappel was born in 1811 and Caroline Boehringer was born in 1815.  While in Germany, Johann Christian met Caroline and they fell in love and got married in 1837 in Germany.

  • Questions are good

     If you notice, there seems to be more people attending public meetings.

    And they seem to be asking more questions.

    While this may seem a bit suspicious, especially when it is candidates asking the questions, the actual asking for information is a good thing.

    We do not favor those who are trying to score brownie points.

    But we do like it when people ask questions.

    What we have found is that many people running for public office don’t always have a good idea on what they are running for.