•  SHEPHERDSVILLE - What better why to find out how high schools are getting students ready for college and careers than to go straight to the customers?

  •       Now is the time of year we resolve to make changes for the better. This year, you can resolve to be a positive influence in the life of a young person by volunteering with 4-H. 

  •  SHEPHERDSVILLE - Making something good out of a bad situation.

  •  SHEPHERDSVILLE - University of Louisville football coach Larry Slade knows the important of getting the best from his players, and it showed during the school’s recent Sugar Bowl victory.

  •  MOUNT WASHINGTON - From choosing the Charger mascot to establishing the school’s signature red and gold color scheme, the first graduating class of Bullitt East High School began a tradition of pride and excellence that is synonymous with the school today. 

  •  MOUNT WASHINGTON – Old Mill Elementary fifth graders recently experienced life in colonial America without ever leaving their classrooms or the 21st century.

    Rather than organize a field trip or experiment with time travel, fifth grade social studies teacher Leslie Biglari opted to bring the 17th and 18th centuries to Old Mill and she called it Colonial Day.

  •  Over 400 food baskets and toys were given out again this December by the Hillview Operation Santa, a project initiated by the Hillview Police Association over 25 years ago.

    Various events are held throughout the year by the Operation Santa committee.

    All four elementary schools in northern Bullitt County also contribute.

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  •  HILLVIEW - While other moms were buying holiday gifts for their children, Shinika McQuarter had to break the news to her kids that Santa would not come this year.

  •             October was the unveiling of the state-of-the-art new visitor experience at Jim Beam Distillery in Clermont.

                The multi-million facility is the focal point of visitors at the family distillery.

                The opening of the American Stillhouse was also the beginning of tours of the distillery in operation.

  •             Over the past year, some facilities were built and others were renamed.           

                Bullitt County opened its newest library in April as the Hillview branch library was unveiled.

                The facility is located behind the Dorothea Stottman Library off Hillview Boulevard.

  •     Victor Coy of Shepherdsville received an unusual Christmas gift this season.

        Coy grew a bumper crop of turnips at the old Allen Coy Farm along Mt. Elmira Road.

        The largest turnip weighed in at an incredible nine pounds. Coy also found turnips at right, five and four pounds.

        “We had that bad dry spell, so I watered them down really well,” Coy said. Then the rain took over.”

  •  Cedar Grove Elementary kindergarten students recently got to spend some time making gingerbread houses with their families and volunteers.

    Cousins Daniel Maraman and Caleb Bleemel worked across the table from one another on their gingerbread houses.

    Erin Brown and Noah Melcher work on a gingerbread house.

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  •  SHEPHERDSVILLE - When Scott Ellis was first campaigning in his run for mayor, he talked with his wife about wanting to do something to help families during the holiday season.

  •  The annual live nativity scene was part of the Walk to Bethlehem at Hillview Community Christian Church.

    Large crowds came out on Saturday and Sunday to see the live scenes re-enacted.

    King Herod was an added part of this year’s presentation during the Christmas season.

    The Walk to Bethlehem is presented the first weekend in December each year by members of the congregation.

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  •  MOUNT WASHINGTON - Pleasant Grove Elementary students recently partnered with Kentucky State Police to feed dozens of Bullitt County families this holiday season. 

  •  Santa Claus and local fire departments have a very close bond. Many fire departments, such as Zoneton and Shepherdsville, will take Santa Claus around the neighborhoods atop their trucks.

    This year, Santa decided to go inside those two firehouses to visit with the  little ones, as well as to enjoy a little breakfast.

    In Shepherdsville, Santa was set up in front of a fire truck.

    While at Zoneton, he sat up his shop in front of a bunch of decorated packages.

  •  PIONEER VILLAGE - The Little Flock Quilting Guild are spreading the warmth of the holiday season.

  •  The Bullitt Central High School Class of 1972 held its 40-year Class Reunion Saturday, October 6, 2012 at Paroquet Springs Conference Centre in Shepherdsville.

  •  SHEPHERDSVILLE - Whenever Santa Claus needs assistance, he can always turn to the Cub Scouts.

  •  MOUNT WASHINGTON - Some might call it inspirational, others might call it odd. 

    Whatever you call it, most will agree it's worth a double take.

    In the 32 years Bob and Sharon Brumett have resided on Bethel Church Road, the nativity scene in their front yard has stopped more than a few passersby during the Christmas season.

    "We've had lots of people stop to see it," said Sharon Brumett. "Some people told us they drive by our house every year around Christmas just to see it."