•  They manned anti-aircraft guns at Pearl Harbor, slogged ashore under devastating fire at Normandy and fought their way up Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima...before modestly returning home to resume their civilian lives.

  •  Maryville Elementary students used coupons to earn a free lunch and limo ride.

  •             MOUNT WASHINGTON – A smile costs nothing, but without proper dental hygiene it can cost a lot.

                Louisville-based community dental partnership Smile Kentucky! understands the importance of having healthy teeth, which is why the organization has committed to providing Bullitt County children with free dental screenings and educational programs.

  • HILLVIEW - The City of Hillview continues to offer opportunities for citizens to maintain physical fitness.

                In recent years the city implemented a health walk along city sidewalks.

                Now, with the transfer of civic offices to the new Hillview Government Center, the Hillview Community Center makes the most of newly-found space with the addition of a fitness center.

  •  Parents often labor over how to pack a nutritious and delicious lunch box for their children, but when a child suffers from gluten intolerance, the task can become monumental. 

  •  As October marks National Breast Cancer Awareness month, millions of Americans are joining in the fight for a cure. Among those working to raise awareness are local business owners Homer Lowry and his wife Stephanie.

  •  LOUISVILLE – In an effort to increase breast cancer awareness and encourage Kentuckians to get screened, First Lady Jane Beshear promoted October as Breast Cancer Awareness in Month at the University of Louisville’s (UofL) James Graham Brown Cancer Center.

  •  If you are a woman age 40-64, have never had a mammogram or have not had one in the past five years, YOU ARE WANTED!

  •  Nearly one half of all cases of breast cancer in women 50 years and older and more than 70 percent of cases in women younger than 50 years are discovered by women themselves, frequently unintentionally. 

  •  During a woman’s life, she has different changes in her breast. She might have more lumpiness during her period or may have breast problems, like a mastitis (a breast infection), while breastfeeding. 

  •  SHEPHERDSVILLE - A Christian-based pregnancy assistance organization will soon celebrate its new Bullitt County location.

    A New Hope Pregnancy Resource Center is now available to new and future parents dealing with various pregnancy issues.

    The non-profit organization's mission is educating and encouraging a Biblical plan for abstinence and marriage.

    Director Angela Davis said all programs were free and confidential, discussing specific needs and options for all pregnancies, including unplanned or unwanted situations.

  •  Members of the Teen Court panel was sworn into duty recently by Bullitt District Judge Jennifer Porter. 

  •  SHEPHERDSVILLE - The life of a foster parent in today’s society seems as difficult as the foster child’s.

  •  MOUNT WASHINGTON - Two dozen Eastside Middle School archers shot for the stars recently as they competed with teams from around the globe in the third annual National Archery in the Schools Program World Tournament. 

  •   The recipe for this week is courtesy of Bob Evans Family Restaurant.

    Fast Family Dinners

    Don’t let the back-to-school frenzy put a damper on dinner plans. Soccer, dance, football and piano lessons don’t have to keep the family from sitting down for a meal together.

    Try some of these quick dinner tips and easy recipes for a delicious family dinner - fast.

  • CLERMONT – The leaves are beginning to change and that can mean only one thing—fall is here.

    This weekend Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest will celebrate the season with an annual event that has become synonymous with the spectacle of nature’s changing colors.

    The 16th annual ColorFest will return to Bernheim this Saturday and Sunday and everyone’s invited.

    The festivities will take place Saturday, 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Sunday, noon until five.

  •  SHEPHERDSVILLE - It’s hard to do research when the computers available could be considered historic themselves.

  •  SHEPHERDSVILLE - Would you be interested in a low-cost wedding? In December? At a local school? In the name of education?

  •  Brunch is the ultimate way to gather friends and celebrate special occasions.

    Instead of going out, host your brunch at home where you can relax and make everything delicious with your favorite flavors from McCormick.

  •  MOUNT WASHINGTON - When season 14 of “The Ultimate Fighter” mixed martial arts reality series premiered last week on Spike TV, millions of Americans tuned in to see some of the best fighters in the world duke it out for a chance to win a lucrative Ultimate Fighting Championship contract.