•    As a seventh generation Masden in Bullitt County, and a charter member of our local genealogical society, Steve Masden takes local history pretty seriously.  He has spent over thirty years collecting photos and stories on the Lebanon Junction area, and authoring several books and documents of his own on the subject.

  •  CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) Program for Bullitt County welcomes new volunteers to advocate for abused and neglected children. 

  •  LEXINGTON - “We love our Chargers! Yeah, we love our Chargers!”

  •  HILLVIEW - It takes a community to end homelessness.

  •  SHEPHERDSVILLE - Tori Martin was looking for assistance. She heard about a program that helped young adults receive a GED and further their educational and jobs career.

  •  As daylight hours grow longer, so do our spring and summer “to do” lists.  Outdoor activities and adventures are at the top of that list for many Kentucky families. 

  •  SHEPHERDSVILLE - For over 50 years an institution of quality learning has been offered in the heart of Shepherdsville by St. Aloysius Catholic School.

  •    When Kentucky Air National Guard pilot JT Hourigan flew missions in Afghanistan he carried a very special piece of home with him—an American flag from Pleasant Grove Elementary School.

  •  4-H shooting sports began in Kentucky in 1988 largely due to the effects of Dr. Joe Kurth of UK.  There are presently 7,000 kids in Kentucky that participate in 4-H shooting sports.

  •  SHEPHERDSVILLE - Bullitt Central instructor Jennifer Barth gave up teaching senior AP English to help develop and implement a pilot program involving reading components for younger students.

  •  MOUNT WASHINGTON - England and France are on the horizon for Pleasant Grove Elementary School fifth grade student Haylie Jenkins.

  •   SHEPHERDSVILLE - A girls’ senior ring was returned to its owner 20 years after it was stolen from her residence.

  •  Since the Irene Carroll Scholarship program began in 1972, the Bullitt County Woman’s Club has awarded nearly $300,000 in scholarships helping 109 local students pay for college and follow their dreams. 

  •  HEBRON ESTATES - Darrell Scott could be the most important link in a very positive chain, a link to the anchor, his daughter, Rachel.

    The first victim during a shooting at Columbine High School near Denver, Colorado, in April 1999, Rachel was one of twelve students and a teacher killed during the tragedy, with another 27 wounded.

    Since that time Rachel's legacy lives on via Rachel's Challenge, a special program designed to raise student awareness about positive thoughts and behaviors toward themselves and others.

  •   When Ethos at Woodlake senior living executive director Kathy Franke asked an employee battling cancer if there was anything they could do for her the only thing she asked was that they do something to help children. 

  •  MOUNT WASHINGTON -- A new program at Mount Washington Middle School is giving a group of eighth graders the opportunity to guide their fellow student through the challenges of growing up while they learn about leadership and independence.

  •  The Bullitt County Soil Conservation District recently honored winners for both the 2010 and 2009 essay and poster contests.

  •  SHEPHERDSVILLE - Losing a child is hard enough, but losing a child and feeling alone can be unbearable. 

  •  FACT:  Last year, 436 evictions and 414 foreclosures were filed in the Bullitt County Court systems.  

  •  HEBRON ESTATES - Good behavior is its own reward, but at Hebron Middle School it could mean just a bit more.