•  LOUISVILLE – With Valentine’s Day comes a surge of activity on dating websites, with singles looking to the internet for a love connection.

    Unfortunately, these sites are rife with fraudsters who use affection to manipulate their victims out of their money.

    Worse, a new Better Business Bureau (BBB) report finds, online romance scams often escalate as scammers turn their victims into unwitting accomplices to fraud, known as “money mules.”

  •  It’s an exciting time in Frankfort as we reconvened for the remainder of the 2019 session of the Kentucky General Assembly. I dove right into legislative activity, with committees meeting in earnest and constituents coming to town to meet and discuss issues.

  •  After reconvening for the February portion of the 2019 General Assembly on Tuesday, legislators spent the majority of this week filing legislation and meeting with our committees to consider bills and resolutions. On Thursday night, legislators from the House and Senate convened a joint session to hear the Governor’s State of the Commonwealth Address. 

  •  A committee is now tackling the future plans for Bullitt County school facilities.

    That plan is evaluated every four years and the committee is beginning its work.

    However, thanks to the work 20 years ago, Bullitt County is in much better shape than the state’s largest district to the north.

    With a school board taking the leap and passing along the double nickel tax for construction projects, the current committee will have an easier time than others.

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  •  Ernie Banks was a Hall-of-Fame baseball player who spent most of his career as a Chicago Cub.

    He was known for his a quote that displayed his love for the game.

    “There’s sunshine, fresh air, and the team’s behind us. Let’s play two.”

    If Ernie had been in the Bullitt Central gym on Friday night, he would have probably said “let’s play two.”

  •  Years ago, it was the common denial that Bullitt County was like most communities -- drugs did exist and it was a problem.

    Today, there are many who do not believe there is an issue of homeless individuals living in Bullitt County.

    It is true. It is a problem. And it is a problem that will not just go away to another community.

  •  I joined legislators from throughout Kentucky in Frankfort this week as we convened for the first portion of the 2019 session of the Kentucky General Assembly. 

    The first order of business was the swearing in ceremony, where all members were given the Oath of Office by Supreme Court Justice Debra Lambert. 

    The oath is a reminder to me that it is a privilege to serve this district and our communities, an honor and responsibility that I take very seriously. 

  •  Was it a wise move to make on the first day in office regarding paramedics for the Bullitt County EMS?

    Could anything have been done differently to prevent the death of a local man due to a delay of paramedic response of over 20 minutes?

    Is the crisis facing Bullitt County EMS over a shortage of manpower anything new?

    A lot of tough questions sitting upon the shoulders of new county judge Jerry Summers.

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  •  Clermont, Kentucky is located south of Louisville in Bullitt County area where several families settled in that area.

    Clermont is home to Jim Beam Distillery and also to the Boy Scouts of America Camp Crooked Creek in Bernheim Forest.  Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest consists of a large portion of Clermont.  

    The Hatfield family was one the of the first families to settle in Clermont. 

  •  While it is the season for giving, sometimes you may be giving (or getting) a gift that’s not quite right. Most customers are looking to just return or exchange wrong sizes or items, but others may take advantage of this time to try to turn a profit. Due to holiday return fraud, retailers may have specific return and exchange policies to not only protect you but their business as well.


    BBB tips for returning holiday gifts:


  •  It is that time of year where we annually turn retrospective and reflect on the many things we are thankful for.

    This is something we should really do on a daily basis. But, like those New Year resolutions, our best intentions quickly go out the window.

    This Thanksgiving week we take an opportunity to say thanks.

    *Thanks to all our first responders. They can never be paid enough for their services. Whether it is fighting crime or battling fires or trying to save lives, they are valuable people.

  •  SHEPHERDSVILLE - The recent Republican wave in the 2018 Bullitt County election has made the area prime pecking ground for the beginning of a major controversy surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday.

    Being one of the most pro-Donald Trump counties in the United States, Trump personally recognized the community by donating a Thanksgiving turkey to long-time Republican Bullitt County Judge/Executive Melanie Roberts.

  •  FRANKFORT – With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety (KOHS) is joining in a national effort to send Thanksgiving travelers an important lifesaving reminder to buckle up – every trip, every time. 

  •  The elections are now over and congratulations go out to the victors.

    And thanks go out to those who did not win. It takes extreme courage to put yourself out to the voters. 

    With around 46 percent of the registered voters going to the polls, that is great, especially for a non-Presidential year.

    In early January, several newcomers will take office. And several veterans of government will return.

    So, what happens in January?

    First, the people of this county expect a sense of cooperation.

  •  It’s that time of year again: All those scary creatures come out, they’re everywhere, begging you, never leaving you alone, all dressed up in those wacky colors.

    But we’ll focus on all those election candidates next week. This week is all about Halloween.

    I myself will spend the entire day munching down on apples and cider and popcorn and candy and pie, all while binge watching my favorite classic Halloween movies and television shows. I might even hunker down with a good horror story novel, perhaps reading it aloud like Vincent Price.

  •  Life is full of surprises! Some good, some bad. Some you will never recover from.

    Over the past few months, I have met many families and friends that share a common trait -- the loss of a loved one to violence.

    Some domestic and others have no idea who murdered their loved one(s). We are a select group that nobody wants to know.

  •  On June 1842, Caroline Kappel gave birth to Johann Christian Kappel and he was named after his father Johann C. Kappel .  Johann’s parents were born in Olbronn, Wuttemberg, Germany.

    Johann C. Kappel was born in 1811 and Caroline Boehringer was born in 1815.  While in Germany, Johann Christian met Caroline and they fell in love and got married in 1837 in Germany.

  •  If you notice, there seems to be more people attending public meetings.

    And they seem to be asking more questions.

    While this may seem a bit suspicious, especially when it is candidates asking the questions, the actual asking for information is a good thing.

    We do not favor those who are trying to score brownie points.

    But we do like it when people ask questions.

    What we have found is that many people running for public office don’t always have a good idea on what they are running for.