•  A list of hot topics provided by the Better Business Bureau for the month of June. For more information go to www.bbb.org.

  •  Each summer, Bullitt Countians have an opportunity to show their kindness toward youngsters who might have special needs.

  •  Tornadoes have wreaked havoc across the country. Thousands have lost their homes and all of their belongings. Others have lost their loved ones.


    “When disaster strikes, scam artists come out of the woodwork,” says Reanna Smith-Hamblin, VP/Communications for the BBB serving Louisville, Southern Indiana, and Western Kentucky. “Scam artists show up and pose as char­i­ties, seeking donations from people who are anx­ious to help.”


  •  In the midst of graduation parties and holiday trips, this Monday presents us an opportunity once again to remember those who have fought for this country and given their service, and sometimes, their lives.

  •  It is nice to see that Bullitt County will have a little role in the running of the Preakness Stakes on Saturday.

  •  It is nice to see that Bullitt County will have a little role in the running of the Preakness Stakes on Saturday.

  •  The battle against cancer is something that is waged 24/7. There is no rest in this battle against the biggest killer in the world.

  •  May and June are times for proms, graduations and celebrations. 

  •  Things will certainly get much tougher before they get any better for employees of the city of Shepherdsville.

  •  While there are just a few races to be contested in the May 17 primary, it is important to continue the tradition of coming out to the polls.

  •  Scam artists stay on top of the news and regularly seek to exploit “the top stories of the day.” Today, BBB is warning consumers to watch out for a slew of cyber scams that have popped up in the past few days after Osama Bin Laden’s death.

    According to Kaspersky Labs, an Internet security firm, malicious Web sites and links have been proliferating on Google Images search, Facebook, and other social media sites.

  •  Discipline in the classroom. It has long been mentioned as one of the key issues teachers face in the classroom.

  •       It's the sloppiest mess in the history of Mike Farner Downs as contestants take to the quagmire of a track in the annual running of the Bullitt County Derby.

  •  A list of hot topics presented by the Better Business Bureau for the month of May.

    BBB Hot Topics - May 2011


  •  When a flood is over, victims must start the task of cleaning up their homes.

  •  It’s been called the greatest two minutes in sports, but look into the heart of any true Kentuckian and you’ll find the Kentucky Derby is so much more. 

  •  The community lost an important person in the world of communications this past week.

  •  The dam at Taylorsville Lake is about to break.

  •  SHEPHERDSVILLE - Local governmental actions could lead to the future end of the Easter holiday celebration as we know it in Bullitt County.

  •  We have to admit, we were very concerned with the 2009-10 fiscal audit for county government.