• GOP won't abandon issue

     For six years (2000-2006) the Republican Party controlled both houses of Congress, the Presidency, and the Supreme Court. During this time they managed to cut taxes for the wealthy, de-regulate the financial industry, and start two un-funded wars. However, they did not attempt to overturn Roe vs. Wade. Why was such a central plank of the Republican platform for the past thirty years allowed to languish on the back burner during a time when the Republicans possessed the resources to make a serious challenge to abortion rights?

  • Thanks to supporters

  • Good people elected

     Just a word regarding the election.

    In view of the fact that Fox Chase has improved its council greatly, I am satisfied that I lost to younger and healthier citizens.

    It is hoped that more citizens will take in interest in attending meetings and let their views of city affairs be known.

    Thanks to those who voted for me. You will happy with those elected.

    Lottie Judd

  • Bad experience

  • Do your duty and vote on Nov. 6

     The time is now as never before to get out and make your voices heard. It’s easy -- VOTE.

  • Vote for Keith

  • Vote for Keith

     I am a World War II veteran and many men and women died for your right to vote. Regardless of political affiliation, you should take time to known for whom you are voting. I have known Paulita Keith since she was born. As an educated person, she is the only candidate for Circuit Court Clerk who graduated from college; she is a CPA with 25 years of business experience; she was the 2012 Professional woman of the Year; she was published twice in her career and she is a member of multiple professional organizations.

  • Vote for Dick Heaton

     Never having written a “letter to the editor,” this is indeed a first for me but having such a passion for our State Representative position, I feel compelled to endorse candidate Dick Heaton.

  • Vote for Keith

     I feel it is very important to understand who is running for office - the person, the real person. Too often, we go to the polls knowing very little about the candidates running for office in our county. So, I would like to share some of my thoughts and opinions about one of our candidates running for Circuit Clerk, Paulita Keith. You could call this a personal recommendation.

  • Vote for Webber